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IWD2 Challenge Rating


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Is each monster's challenge rating stored in its CRE file? If so, where? I've been snooping around using NI and the only thing that I can find with any connection is 'Total Levels' and 'XP Value'.


The reason I ask is that IWD2 is a little unstable on my computer and is prone to freezing. It's not really a problem as Quicksaving takes about a second so I just do that regularly. However I came up against Zil-t'yor (beholder at the bottom of the Dragon's Eye dungeon) and for some reason his 'mass dispel magic' (some sort of anti-magic gaze attack) caused my game to freeze (well, most of the time, it seems there's an element of chance involved) which was odd because the game had never frozen in a battle before.


So anyway, I couldn't complete the battle without it freezing at one point or another so I reloaded, started the battle again and used Ctrl+Y to take out Zil-t'yor. Slaughtering the rest of his minions went without a hitch. The problem is that my characters missed out on the XP. Granted, they didn't really earn the XP but they would have if the game didn't freeze.


So I wanted to find out what Zil-t'yor's challenge rating was so I could look up the XP in moncrate.2da and add the appropriate amount to my characters. I just can't find a field for Challenge Rating though and I have no idea what alternative the game uses to calculate the XP.


Is anyone able to shed some light on this?

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OK, problem solved. I had a look through the IESDP and apparently the Challenge Rating is at 0x025A. NearInfinity isn't much help in this regard as it tags the CR byte on the end of 50 bytes of 'Unknown'.

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