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Need a few tips to create a sword for Icewind Dale 2

Guest Loïc

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Guest Loïc

I really love playing drow characters in IWD 2 and I was kinda sad when I see how little drow items there was in the game, so I decided to make my own .


Actually I'm trying to make this one : Sword Of Selvetarm


I'm just beginning creating item so I need a some help to create it .


I'm using DLTCEP.

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Guest Loïc
maybe you could make the question more specific?


Ok so I know how to make a +5 longsword and how to make it usable only for evil elf ( I don't know if it's possible to be more specific to make it usable only for the drow . . . )


but I don't know how to make :

It functions as a +5 elf bane unholy vorpal longsword and if it's possible anyway

The wielder gains a +5 enhancement bonus to Dexterity.

The wielder gains an additional +10 enhancement bonus on Hide checks.

The wielder can rage as though a 16th-level barbarian.


For the few others hability of the sword I think it's not possible to make them ( but if you think it is then tell me about your ideas )

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wielding bonus to dexterity and hiding skill seems easy.


opcode 15: dexterity bonus

opcode 297: hide in shadows skill bonus


I don't know what you meant by +5 elven bane blah blah...

but bonus to hit against races is not implemented in iwd2.


There is a possibility of insta killing elves (with chance, if you don't use default 100):

opcode 402 with param2 = 15: add effect list if target is elf

You write a separate insta kill effect and add its resource name to 402-opcode's resource field.


The rage option is just an apply spell in an extended header (not in the wielding effect block).

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Guest Loïc

thanks Avenger for your advice


however I need a little more help for the kill instantly effect and the barabrian rage effect .


ANd how coul I make the sword the colors I wanted ?

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