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Seeking editors/proofreaders and testers for Viconia Friendship ToB


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Viconia Friendship ToB is almost complete, and is ready to be proofread and tested! There are several new dialogues throughout the course of ToB, looking at various facets of Viconia and the game-world, with at least two new epilogues being added.


You don't need any previous experience to test Viconia and provide feedback, just send me a PM, install it and play through the game! The dialogues also need editing, so if there are any editors/proofreaders out there who'd like to lend a hand just shoot me a line!


I'm also trying to get some feedback on the types of new epilogues people would like, so if you have an opinion on the matter of Viconia's epilogues check out this thread.




- Liam/K'aeloree

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