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Questions for the Auditions

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Hi folks. I despared to get in touch with the original voice-actor, and the quality on some of the lines is just won't do. So I have to recast this VO work:


Total lines: 36


Audition deadline: May 25-th 2008.


Recording and Contact information -


Record in 44100hz 32-bit Float Mono MP3

Send your auditions to domi_sotto@gibberlings3.net


Character: Toral, the Mighty Evil Priest


I need someone who can talk in a foreceful, calm manner, on the lower side of the spectrum, and who can say some of the lines 'up', rallying a large crowd of disheartened devotees.


Here are the trial lines:


ds_njnpc_toral_0001 Do not despair! The Lord of Murder, our Lord, is not dead and he is not defeated while our faith is strong!

ds_njnpc_toral_0002 His blood still remains in the Winding Water, around Boarskyr Bridge, where He was slain.

ds_njnpc_toral_0003 His mortal progeny are coming of age and soon will die so He might live again!

ds_njnpc_toral_0004 The nightfall is coming, and it shall be ours to rule.




This is probably a dumb question, but I never shy away from acts of stupidity: Do you need a male actor, or will a female voice do?

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Yep, Toral is a male (and boy do I feel stupid about not putting it in!), and I think I casted him (keeps her fingers crossed). There is are 4 female roles coming up (I sent you an e-mail about that :cool: ) Cheers!

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