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Suna Seni?


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Hey David,


I just started playing SCSII ver 7 and am having a blast so far. Good job!


I encountered something weird last night and I was wondering it is SCSII related. I encountered the group of slavers that had Arbane's sword. Suna Seni spawned with them(!?). She remained blue throughout the fight and I could even talk to her afterwards (she still thought she was in the Coronet).


Could this be a SCSII issue? Just curious. Thanks.

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Yes, I have UB too. My last several install/reinstalls have been buggy. I think I messed something up while using NI. Sigh.


Thanks for the replies!


It has also happened to me, using latest SCS II, fixpack, BGT and UB. In my case, Suna Seni didn't appear in the "Arbane Sword" random encounter, but in the first one. Furthermore, I died two times, which made me see a neutral Suna Seni in the three times I did the encounter. Please note that BG1 was finished using BGT 1.05a but I reinstalled to BGT 1.05b when starting Chateau Irenicus. In any case, I haven't used NI.

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