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Wanted: Saved Games for Testing


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Well, I once imagined that I will just play Bg1 and test everything as I go... RIGHT!!! I never made it past Nashkel mines :groucho:


So... I need a few saved TUTU games in these crucial points:


Before going to do Bandit Camp

Before entering Cloackwood sequence

Beofre entering Cloackwood Mine itself

Before last battle in Cloackwood Mine (or right after but before flooding)

Before Entering Baldur's Gate for the first time

Before going to Candlekeep library

In Candlekeep library when about to pick up Gorion's letter

Before being arrested by Angelo

Throught Chapter 7 (meeting Sorrel, meeting E;tan, killing Assassins, going to Sarevok's Ceremony)

Before engaging into the ToSC quests

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