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Tree of Life talk isn't coming!

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As the title says, for some reason Kivan never starts the famed Tree of Life talk. My P#KivanLove variable is like 25, and he had his talk with Demin. Where in the Tree of Life is he supposed to talk? I have gone through the Tree of Life and killed Irenicus a couple of times, and neither time Kivan said anything. Please help?


Edit: My P#KivanLove global is in fact 26. Could this be too high?

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Just where the other NPCs have it, once the staircase is opened. May I see your saved game, please? It's domi dot sotto at gmail dot com.

Oooo, do you do Mac saves? My NPCs only reply to my Bhaal-ish outburst at the opening of the staircase, if that's what you're referring to.


Edit (again): I've discovered the problem. Apparently my game has been warped so that it is confused with what is happening where I am. It has me recovering from my Bhaal form (I forgot the name of it) rather than the Tree of Life talks. I shall have to investigate the Globals issue.


Last edit: Phew. It turned out that I needed to rest way back in the area under Spellhold (something I consciously avoided so not to endanger my party) to have my SelfTalk variable be changed to '3.' It became all the more obvious when I was looking for Kivan's Tree of Life talk, though I was actually missing all of theirs. All hail Near Infinity!

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