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Epilogue Screens: Need Artisitic Help!

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Folks, since I wrote the epilogues, I kind of have a general idea what I want for the epilogue imagery. So, I was wondering if someone is interested in doing them for me?


Image 1 - I am thinking about one of the paintings submitted in the violent art selection, maybe toned and lit to match the color scheme of the opening loadscreen. Alternatively, an original image of the rebirth of a dead God of Murder to suit the artist's imagination would be very, very welcome!


Image 2 - I am looking for some sort of BG1-BG collage, mixing some familiar imagery OR something that can pass for Candlekeep (ie a castle on the cliff by the sea) with the drak clouds gathering above it. Could be that BG2 opening movie had the image that can be modified....


It would be nice if the style was resembling that of BG1 or BG2 artwork (dreams in BG1 or opening pen and ink imagery of BG2)

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Just renewing the call :)


Hi if you haven't found a artist yet then I am interested, messaged you and posted a interest reply at Spellhold as well. If you are interested then message me the content you would like to see in the images apart from what is mentioned already.

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Hi, thank you!


Basically, my preference is a rebirth of the God of Murder (Alternative Ending) and the Dark Clouds over Candlekeep (Let's Proceed to BG1-BG2). If you'd like to use BG1-BG2 imagery, Imoen, Khalid and Jaheira can't be on the 'let's proceed to BG1-BG2' screen. :) Cheers, and looking forward to see the sketches. The size has to be rather large: 1,600x800 pixels.

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