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prob BG2SOA: "bandit" encounter Areas crashing on load

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Updating files, I have BGtweaks and scs2 installed.


so far-


Chapter 1 and 2 (just left Irenicus dungeon) bandit "encounters" (or the associated mini-maps) are crashing on load. Dunno if it is CRE or AR**** issue.

Specifically the "random" bandit encounters that happen while transiting city district maps, and leaving the city to go to arnise castle.

I can CLUA warp over the "outdoor" encounter directly to the Arnise castle, but cannot go back to the city again without crashing UNLESS the castle/troll assault has been completed.

Also, a speechless/unkillable Suna Seni spawns in the "city" one encounter minimap on the way to the city gates, even tho I just LEFT her standing in the copper cornet, where she did speak, but not much as I had not joined with valygar. Not a "crash" event, but odd.


Any ideas what has happened to my bandits?


Additionally, the "council of six" building in government district is also crashing on load.

Again, dunno if cre or area file is to blame.



The torgal fight is a nasty one under SCS2 by the way. Had it on the core rules setting, and I had to use every bit of cheese on hand just to target/generate enough raw damage per second per troll to defeat any of them without loosing any (more like "all") NPCs. Stacking multiple glitterdusts and chaos/confusion was only hope to defeat the trolls in detail.

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How long does it take to crash for the bandit ambush? If it's immediate, I think that signifies either a problem with the area or with the script.


The Suna Seni thing could be a clue, as maybe it is trying to load that area at the same time the ambush script is and the script conflict is killing the game. Just a thought.

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