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Dynaheir's Journal and an uncooperative Drizzt

Guest Humanoid_Taifun

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Guest Humanoid_Taifun

After I got around my first problem in BGT, a SoA worldmap, by going to new areas via cheats, my game answered with a new bug.

I rescued the witch who immediately asked me whether I had seen her diary (it was her diary, wasn't it?), which I hadn't.

So I started up a walkthrough where I read that Drizzt would tell me more.

Back in the game though I noticed how I had gotten the wrong quest entry to my own journal.

Meeting Drizzt


Drizzt is a wandering sort. He mentioned that we might see him later somewhere along the Sword Coast. Perhaps we will meet again.

I considered this a bug and paid no further attention to it while I went to look for the Drow.

Killed all the gnolls, talked to him and agreed to assist him in the fight against said monsters, began the discussion anew and :)no mention whatsoever of the stupid journal.

Then he leaves.

Does anybody know what cheats to enter to convince him to help me?

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No problem - you are exactly right on the correct path!


The Journal Entry mismatch is alreaduy fixed for the next version, but the standard way the quest works is

  1. Meet Drizzt or Dynaheir in either order
  2. Help Drizzt and be very nice to him
  3. Drizzt leaves that area, and so do you (he hasn't found the journal page yet either)
  4. If Dynaheir is in the party, and you have helped Drizzt, then eventually somewhere along the Sword Coast in a outdoor area he will show up and interrupt the party, talking about the journal.

We don't interfere with Drizzt's original behavior, except to set a variable that allows a opy of him to show up later, because other folks (like FlySoup's Drizzt Saga) use him.

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