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Interjections that "change" game events


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I just wanted to make sure that people who'd like to be warned about NPCs "going out of control" would be; I'll update (as I go) the key interjections, that disturb the smooth flow of the game, when NPCs forget their obedience training or alter game events. If things like that irritate you, remeber to kick these NPCs out of the party prior to engaging into this conversations


WARNING: SPOILERS starts next post onward

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Jaheira: w Zeke's, w Dryad/Caldo/Crumm

Faldorn: w Dryad/Caldo/Crumm; w ankhegs (Fishing village)

Kivan: w Teven, w Tazok in bandit camp

Montaron: w Ender, w Niemain

Shar-Teel: w Petrine's uncle

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