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Hi, i just recently found this awesome mod, and i must say since i always preferred BG1 over BG2 for its large game map and more open world feel i was ecstatic to find this mod along with TuTu.


i have come across a small problem though, my romance with Shar-Teel no matter how many times i restart it, start a new game or even re-install never seems to go past the 1st love talk and the morning after.


i have purposefully played a character that lives up to what the walkthrough says i need (18 cha, 16str and everything else as high as i can get it) and i have always kept my rep below 10 (usually average between 3-8) but it seems that none of that is helping.


i was wondering if i could get any help on this....thanks in advance for any advice you guys can offer me.

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That first talk is tricky. If you are too sweet to Shar-Teel after you've slept with her, she breaks the romance. Just do the talk and see where your X#SharInterest variable ends up after that talk. You want it at 1, not 3. :fish:

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