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SHS: Classic Adventures v0.47 Released

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Spellhold Studios


Welcome to the latest version of Classic Adventures!


Yes, we are now at version 0.47. New features include a female druid NPC, some revised area maps, and the first draft of the Selgaunt city maps. Plus tons of dialogs, banters, some new items, and updates to several quests.


Selgaunt City:

- This area is not finished by a long shot. All you can do is wander across the maps and see what we are planning. With the exception of area TC3000, the other map areas have no people, walls, sounds, water, doors, etc. Also, the Worldmap looks terrible. Hey, I said it was the first draft.


Terra Lockwood:

- A female druid that can be found outside of Piney Bluff. She has a quest (not completed yet), some banters, and hopefully a great future in CA.



- We added many new dialogs and banters for Icar, Fala'stra, Aleigha, and Catharandamus. Also, Cath can give you another quest.


So enjoy! But remember, we aren't finished.


Team CA.


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