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SHS: DSotSC v200, NTotSC v155 & v161 by erebusant

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Spellhold Studios


Belated announcement--original date: 9th of June 2008


Thanks to the ever-busy erebusant, Dark Side of the Sword Coast and Northern Tales of the Sword Coast have been updated, and a re-translation of Northern Tales of the Sword Coast has been released!


V200 of DSotSC includes a Castilian translation, fixed a bug that didn't load the .oggs for the Italian translation, updated WeiDU support and updated Worldmap travel links! V155 of NTotSC includes a new Castilian translation and a new Simplified Chinese translation, updates the Italian translation and includes the newest version of WeiDU. V161 of NTotSC is a patch to be installed on top of NTotSC v155, and includes an English re-translation with many improvements made to dialogues for easier mod flow and understandability! It also changes a few aspects of the mod which were confusing in the original translation.


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