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NPC projet and Undead Targos


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So hai guise, just post here to say that this mod and the "tougher torak" part of Undead Targos is non compatible whit NPC project. U dont get the dialogue whit the bard, and sometimes it even blocks the possibility to talk to npc trough pressing "P".

Dunno if its a known incompatibility, sins on the readme its only said that only the non weidu ease of use has problem whit it. But if you don't install that part, it works fine.


Also does anyone knows if the mod is compatible whit "Tactics4IW2"?

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It is compatible. I'm using it right now. As for the "P" issue, make sure that you have party AI turned on. I haven't really sat down to test it, but everytime that "P" hasn't worked for me, my AI has been off, and when I turn it back on, it works.


Mind you, that tactics mod is really freaking hard. I reload just about every single fight, and I hate myself for using the bardic cheats to get past most of the fights due to spells that disable my party, or disentigrate or any other instant death attacks that you can't res through.


Really, I wouldn't suggest using tactics for this mod, since this mod is based around the NPC interaction. If I wasn't already at Dragon's Eye, I'd restart without.

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