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Crash at Ice Temple


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First of all, I'd like to thank for this great mod, it really brings life to IWD2.


I've encountered an annoying bug at the beginning of the Ice Temple area. I've taken a look at the forum but I didn't find a solution (even thought there were topics about similar bugs).


After the cutscene of the two talking barbarians and the prisoner escaping from his frozen cell, I face lots of barbarians and 2-3 Auril worshippers. AFTER the last enemy received a death blow, Diriel starts saying that we're ready to kill them all and that they should cooperate instead, the I press 'continue' and the game crashes showing this message 'an assertion failed in objcreature.cpp at line number 12738'. I guess it's because he's trying to talk to a non existant worshipper.

I partially solved the problem by turning the party AI off, killing the enemies of the first attack, saving and then turning the AI on. As soon as the AI is back Diriel makes the game crash again, but if I reload the savegame nothing bad happens. Is there another way to solve the problem?


I thank you in advance

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Guest Epantiras (not logged it)
Please, let me know if the issue repeats itself with some other dialogue once you've reset the global. I will investigate further then. :laugh:


Ok I'll try it this weekend ;-)

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