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Amaurea's BG2 portrait pack uninstallation


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First time I post here.

Anyway, I installed Amaurea's BG2 portrait pack without reading about it. Didn't know it changed the party members portraits. I thought it was just a bunch of portraits for the PC. Anyway I tried to change them back but I couldn't so I unistalled the portrait pack but the portraits are still there. How do I get the old portraits back and get rid of these? I can't find anything about it in the readme.


EDIT: I think the reason for this problem is that before I uninstalled the correct way I just deleted all the files for the portrait pack which I probably shouldn't have done. Then I re-installed it and unistalled it but then the portraits were still there. But still I need help on how to remove them.

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Yes, the double installing is the problem. You could just delete the new portraits from the "override" folder which is located in your main BGII folder. I don't know how the portraits are called, though, maybe someone else can tell you that.


And welcome to the forums!

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