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Dimension Door script.

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I used to be a member of Forgotten Wars loooong ago, recently came back to BG2 modding. :laugh:


My issue today is I'm writing a script to give me a more powerful Dimension Door spell akin to what the Cowled Wizards and Irenicus use, but I'm not sure how to make it work. I'm not in the business of editing spell files or that kind of mess...I play vanilla BG2/TOB with the only tweaking done through scripting. This creates a bit of a challenge as I'm torn between my own ideas of what Irenicus/Cowled Wizards use for DD and what the D&D spell reference website uses.


Basically, I read on the website that as of the newest spell guide, I can only teleport up to 1600 ft with Dimension Door. Clearly people like Shandalar, Irenicus and the wizards can go much farther than that, but I don't know what rules they operate....except by game rules. What I originally planned was to have a catalyst based Dimension Door, IE I could cast the spell on myself and teleport to a location depending on what kind of catalyst was in my pack at the time (a catalyst strongly associated with a certain area - like the de'Arnise keep key to teleport to the hold) but this violates the current D&D description of Dimension Door.


Another option was to just teleport to an area beyond my visual area, but I don't know how to do that with scripting. Wherever I click, my character moves to that area - I was thinking for example, using Farsight then teleporting to that area using Dimension Door. I haven't been able to get that to work.


So the bullet summary is,


1. Whose authority to I consult when working on this script? The 4th Edition D&D rules (I prefer 2nd, but I can't find them online), BioWare's "tweaked" rules (which I don't understand), or my interpretation of BioWare's "tweaked" rules? Which is most legitimate given these circumstances? Do Dungeon Masters in normal D&D games allow such relaxing of the rules to work as well?

2. How do I develop a Dimension Door script that allows me to teleport to an area I can see through Farsight?

3. How can I develop a multi-area Dimension Door script that allows me to teleport to a specific area despite having several catalysts in my pack? As in, I can trigger where I want to go without removing those catalysts?


Thanks for the help, all. It's good to see a forum where I can post unregistered again. ;D



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There is a setting in every spell file that allows you to cast it beyond your Line-Of-Sight. Check the IESDP.


It is not possible to pick a target in the manner of farsight, as the farsight effect is hardcoded into the game (if you check those spells you will see targets of "Self").


Something you could do is have Dimension Door bring up a selection of spells, like spell immunity, with Dimension Door having a target type of 7 so you could choose one of those spells when the game is paused. Each of those subspells would teleport you to a different area via an opcode 186 embedded in an external .eff file.


Or if you want that Catalyst implemented, you could have Dimension Door summon an invisible creature which triggers a dialogue with LastSummonerOf(Myself), with a dialogue tree that reacts to HasItem("SOMEITEM",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)) and an AreaCheckObject("SOMEAREA",LastTalkedToBy(Myself)).


This should get you started, and I could only recommend the IESDP for its usefulness.



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My thanks, I'll get to some tinkering. I've got an Animate Dead question in hand for later as well. :laugh:


In Baldur's Gate I, there was a dialogue with a Flaming Fist mercenary where the officer asked where the party was coming from, and the options included Beregost/Nashkel/Amn/Candlekeep and some such (frolicking nymph land as well). Is it possible without modifying a file to summon this dialogue option in BG1 using scripts, then when a certain option is selected teleport to that area? And have a random teleport for the frolicking nymph land?


This wouldn't work for BG2 as I don't remember any dialogue options that involved that, but it would work for BG1.

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How do I have an effect occur on all other party members except myself, assuming I don't know I'm the PC or any specific party number?


As in, I could be the PC or Player2-6, how do I cast Dimension Door on myself but not have the "door" effect be duplicated by setting Range(PlayerX,10) for all six players?

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I've run into a question of sorts. How does the Pocket Plane spell manage to save coordinates and plot a player right back where he/she teleported from? I want to use this Dimension Door spell to teleport to random coordinates in the area because I don't know how to chart the coordinates (not using that stupid "cluaconsole" thing) but I don't know how the Pocket Plane "sort of" does it.

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