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BG1 Maps

Guest Gelcur

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Hello all. This is my first time posting on these boards but I thought someone here might be able to assist me.


I am a DM for a Pen and Paper campaign of D&D and my players are about to get to Baldur's Gate region. I was hoping I could use BG1's maps as reference but sadly I can not find most of them online. Most major areas and plot important areas have their maps up but I can not find a map for other like Elfsong Tavern AR0705.


Does anyone have a map pack of them or can someone direct me as to where in the install I can find them?

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This is exactly what I was looking for thank you very much.


You have helped make my PnP campaign much better and I have a feeling the players will really appreciate it when they figure out I used these as a base.

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