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how compatable are these mods?

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Guest Guest_Valin_*

Greetings all Been awhile since I posted here ..had a large melt down lost everything....Got myself up and running reinstalled BG/totsc....and am partway through it...I would like to ask before I put in BG2 ..no TOB though :)..Was thinking of trying these mods but was wondering how compatible are these mods? and load order?.Any help would be greatly appreciated....Or if you know of any cool mods ..I am a half elf fighter/magic user/thief....usually a cleric but wanted to do something different....Here are the mods:


crusade v4


Deeper shadows of amn v2.1


Sp Collection


NPcKit V072


Npctweak v3.0


Oversight v8


Divine Remix V4


Npcflirt v101


Unfinished Buisnes v15


Banter Pack v6


Superscriptbg2 v1.6


Bg2 extras


Cliffkey v1


Enhanced BG2


Natural Selection


Npnpc Portrait mod


beholder mod

Sorry if I double post was in a hurry and saw I forgot to list the mods and hit stop...Thankyou all for your time...Be safe

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Considering some of those are really old and outdated mods, you should check for updates for each one.

NPcKit V072-> NPC Kit pack 2.0, or you could use the Level 1 NPCs.

Enhanced BG2, I have heard bad news about this in compatibility threads...

Banter Packs V8 released! ... and those are not the only onces...

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