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  1. Really ? You can't look up at all, to Alien's signature and the link to the introduction on how to use pee. Ouh man.
  2. Did you start a new game/campaign after installing every mod you have, as not doing that will not give/update the full dialog.tlk file in the save game. Which is what is likely to lead into this problem.
  3. Hmm, so that could be part of the problem. As if the game is an old install from a former non Windows 10 system, it could be stuck to not being able to be overwriten by the cdtweaks-v9.exe archive. But then, the fix is easy, uninstall the game in Steam. And then edit the game path in Steam, and then Reinstall it. And then running the game once, and only after those steps, reinstall the mod.
  4. You need to push the zero -key, and then Enter. That is, if you wish to install with the English language. And you have got to also be aware that if the window becomes inactive, you can re-activate it with simply pushing one of the bounders, as without that, your key entries will not do a thing.
  5. But we did say you had to install it too, making it like 5 GBs with room to cache. And so your privilage, doesn't match with our database, so you can go ahead and go fuck yourself. Thing is, I don't think it does. One could suppose that the so called ten towns are so few in population, that there's really no guards to go around, or with Targo's being infiltrated by goblins in their warehouse, while they are also under a siege by them, and the player gets into the town by a sea via a boat, the guards are dead. Now, I never got into Kuldahar in IWD2, so I can't comment on that front. But in IWD, the Kuldahar was populated by a few store vendors, who became hostile if you robbed then via pick pocket, and then went hostile and then called help to make the whole town hostile on the party's rear end.
  6. So what kind of permissions does it ask ? A picture/screen capture would tell more than a 1000 words.
  7. Yeah, and a pirated copy is a "free" one. So what ? You still have to download the thing, have the storage space to store it and install etc.
  8. But how many of those are TOWN areas ? Cause if I read this(the very first post) correct, termix doesn't have the game, so they can't take a peak: of yeah, this is a town area, so there shouldn't be bandits of the player robbing every indoor area they can get into by disabling lock.
  9. You people do know that the Internet doesn't compute/intergrate the intent to the characters in your replies. PS, @Gwendolyne, you might have missed the fact that the IWD2 was specified. Specifically as there's a gigantic hole in knowledge of IESDP about the area codes of IWD2.
  10. Installing what ? The only thing you need to do on Windows 10 is to install the game to your own (profile) folders, so you have all the "permission" on it. Aka, install the game into here: C:\Users\<windows username>\Games or whatever\BG2\ And yes, in Steam, you can do this "easily". Thing is, you are not the only programmer on the computer, so it's very unlikely that you are the only "profile" on it. And then when you purchase a game, you infact licence the the programs, you don't own them, so again, permissions are not entilely yours either. Yes, this in unfortunate, but welcome to reality of things bigger than you. It's called craft.
  11. Why the F would Weidu need to be able to uninstall it's stuff at all ? Cause if the other thing is possible to do 100%, then this is completely unneeded. Like seriously. Cause if it takes a .tp2 file and is able to do everything in it without any questions, and without weidu(.exe), then weidu becomes irrelevant to it. But I bet that's a hard job to do, so sure at first this would be a one off ... at first.
  12. Are you telling me that there isn't a program in the world that can help to auto manage this.
  13. You know guys, you could summon @Wisp to comment about this, and he has to use a OCaml ... or whjat the cheese it ever was to program Weidu... so, I would say that you are just using a ready made library to expand the resources you already have at your disposal. What utility, well, let me introduce you to the Command promp. Yes, the magic. You know, you could rewrite any and all the tutorials the weidu readme has about the documentation, and have your cake and eat it too... but I have yet to find too many tutorials by you. In fact I have seen only a few links from you to any weidu code, and so I ... suggest you to do more of that, rather than to do tutorials, at first.
  14. IWD1: Kuldahar (AR2100), and it's sub-areas, starting with the same ar21xx. IWD1: Lonelywood (AR9100), and it's sub-areas, starting with the same ar91xx. (this is technically the the Heart of Winter campaign, but it's within the regular IWD campaign too... ) IWD2: "AR1000", being the port side of the Targos, "AR1100" is the main part, and "AR1200" is the rampart side of the town. all have their sub areas, but those shouldn't have doors. There is more...
  15. Ouh, and so K4thos doesn't miss is, the Icewind Dale's Heart of Winter's patch add on, called Trials of the Luremaster is already made into it's own independent mod. So that won't need to be includced in IWDinEET either.
  16. Here, Infinity Engine on Steroids on an ... say, (Jailbroken) Iphone. You are not looking at the bird, but it's genes there.
  17. IWDinEE is for IWD to be in the (BG)EE games, if there's will to do IWD2inEE, that's for that project. And then the IWD2RulesinEE ... all could be in the same overall forum structure sure. But I prefer separate downloads. Not that I'll use a download link, but a massive program that will come later.
  18. And you would need this for exactly WHY ? PS: The BWS does fine with "let's smoke all the files that are extra and overwrite the few that need to be". The uninstall takes about 20 MBs space for a game that can be 5 to 15 GBs with everything installed, biffed and so forth. But back to the point, which is: Why would you need to uninstall sound files ? Did downloading make you stupi...
  19. But that's not the idea that K4thos has, but a mod that does all this together in one mod, all coded by K4thos's own code. Well, as a leader. So it's complete different, similar like BGTutu and BGT were.
  20. Hmm, could it be that there's an effect that can prevent that from effecting the creature ? Opcode 101, with parameter2, being 60. Where did they get that. I don't care, maybe Vocalize. Yes, that might be the most OP 2nd level spell out there. But that's not relevant to the subject in question. Or maybe, the caster can still try to cast spells, even without the ability to complete them. The Artificial Intellegence is only as as smart as it's base input and output system.
  21. Hmm, I have no idea on your personal time availability, but still... if you look back in time, there are many Total Conversion projects that learned things from other Total Conversion projects. Say for excample, the BGT-Weidu, it would look nothing like it does without it's direct competitor called BGTutu. ... the relavence in this is that your EET would exist at all without this rivalry, as the EE games wouldn't have been ever released. Nor would any of the functions you likely use in, would exist in WeiDU.
  22. You could you know, release the v2.5 version of the IWDEEinBG2EE or whatever you have, and have who knows who to take on the task to finnish it, you would get the credits of what you have done, and note that it's not finnished yet. See, an aplha is not an alpha if no one can have it. As in, the problem with your absense is that no one has access to the data you have access to. So no one can fix the problems you have faced and so forth even no matter how good or bad they are. And they can't use your files, say like tipun.
  23. Without knowing what those errors are, we have no idea... so do as probably suggested in the promps, and copy paste the setup-EET.debug files content and attach that here. The file is a text file, so you can open it with Notepad.
  24. IT IS NOT MEANT TO. It's a protection from magic. So thus, even your own. And if they are the target, their own. How hard is that to conceive ?!?
  25. Well, now you are getting why you are adviced to use this strategy. Cause if they can't protect themselves from your magical weapons, and you equip them, then what happens ?
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