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I can download mods from Gibberlings 3.....

Guest -Anonymous-

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Guest -Anonymous-

Whenever I try to download a mod from G3, the site's automatic download feature works wonderfully well.


But if I try to load from anywhere else....say, PocketPlane or Spellhold Studios, I get the "dialog tlk" error.


At first I thought it was because I was using Firefox, but I still have IE on this computer, and even using it to tell the file to download itself into SOA where it belongs, i still get the dialog tlk error.


The only download I managed from elsewhere was the Alassa one day NPC, and I think that that's because it was an exe without being a RAR download. I have a RAR downloader, so that's not the problem either.


*helpless shrug*

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I have a RAR downloader, so that's not the problem either.
Rar downloader??? You mean .rar extractor(unpacker, like the winrar), as in you download the .rar file, then extract(unrar) the file to a location, and then you need to cut-paste the content inside the extraction folder(usually the mods have two files and folder in them, the setup-modname.exe, the setup-modname.tp2 and the modname -folder) to the game folder and run the setup-modname.exe .*helpful smirk*


And in case you didn't get it yet, all the mods you have downloaded and used have those files too, you just didn't notice what they do as they are auto installers, programs programmed to be extracted the way they do, unlike the .rar files.

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