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Rope bug/incompatibility with Wheels of Prophecy?


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I think there may be an incompatibility between SCSII's Improved Abazigal's Lair and Wheels of Prophecy. I have travelled back to Amkethran to get the rope, but Abazigal's army has invaded and the inkeeper has no dialogue options about rope, nor is he carrying any in his store (his opening dialogue has changed to refer to the death of Balthazar so I assume this has something to do with it).


Solution - CLUAConsole in the rope using: CLUAConsole:CreateItem("BAZPLO05",1)


On returning to Abazigal's lair I've been apprehended by a couple of black dragons so I assume SCSII just checks for the rope in your inventory (not whether you got it from the inkeeper or not).


Posted in WoP forum also for information.

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