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  1. Congratulations on the release CamDawg! Stoopid question - but I take it that the new spells only apply to the PC & joinable allies, and won't be present in enemy spellbooks?
  2. For anyone who is interested, IA v6 has now been released: http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/Mods/anvil.php And the BWL forums are now "open" again to non-paying customers: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=5044
  3. I think its actually pretty good (on my machine). It seems to plays more smoothly than Tutu. I like the zoom function and think (when fully zoomed out) it looks comparable to the widescreen mod. The GUI is upscaled and isn't tiny like BGT/Tutu at high widescreen resolutions. The backgrounds look fine and no worse than Tutu, given that they didn't have access to the original art they couldn't do a huge amount here. There is additional detail in the inventory/character screens, both of which (I think) look much better. The only thing I think could be improved is that the spell icons aren't very good quality, and there are a few buttons on the GUI which are blurry. Some of the initial problems which have been reported (disappearing cursor, crashes) have been patched out. I need to spend more time playing it, but so far I'm pretty happy with the purchase. However perhaps I am more tolerant of small changes to the classic formula (I thought the start up movie was OK, despite lots of screams of protest from fans) and had relatively modest expectations about what this update would achieve.
  4. Looking forward to it - I've been off playing other games for a while, but the EE has re-stoked my interest in BG again and SCS is a necessity. David, are you planning to implement SCS for the Black Pits as well, or is the initial objective just to get it working on the main game?
  5. You know what? Screw balance, it sounds like fun, I like the bard spins Some random suggestions: -adding in improved haste as a special ability every 4 levels from say level 12 (to further emphasise the speed - this kicks in just slightly above when a mage accesses level 6 spells, which would include improved haste - so is balanced in that sense) -restricting the kit to be able to use only smaller weapons (eg short swords/daggers) to emphasise this fighter does relatively weak damage, but more often (if that is the sort of fighter you're imagining)
  6. Do you have the Flail of Ages? IIRC it slows regeneration (and has no saving throw on the slow effect).
  7. If Andris is the guy in the first group you encounter underground, I think he has some speech when he first sees you, then starts DDing around whilst chucking spells at you. I don't recall him having a "death speech" or DDing just before he dies though. Maybe he's been given a minhp item by another mod?
  8. I agree. It is no more jarring to me than the artificiality of having to pick one of three numbered text replies in conversation, and I like the roleplaying aspects being highlighted in this way. One of these days I will actually play that encounter and not . Too much temptation, possibly says something about my real life alignment.
  9. I like the new Planetar/Deva/Solar looks, I was never a fan of how they were in the original.
  10. It's been a long while, but IIRC you can do this cheesily (running in and out of houses, dividing up your enemies - I think some enter the houses if they've seen you go in, but if you keep doing it in different places across the map you can usually separate the group). Less cheesily, potions of defence/invulnerability help (no casting time, get the whole party to chug them as soon as you enter the map), run away a bit, cast detect invisibility, prioritise killing the assassins first. If you can get a haste spell off, try that, run away then cast web on the pursuers - it will stop some of them so you can divide and conquer. Wands of paralysation also rock in BG1 and seem to stop lots of nasties. Equip all your magic users with one and fire them off at some of the visible enemies whilst you run around. Again the goal is to incapacitate some so you can deal with the remainder.
  11. How is Yoshimo's Detect Illusions ability? DI is a nice alternative to True Sight and has unlimited uses, but obviously you need a thief who has built their DI skill level up a bit.
  12. Seconded. If you're interested in cosmetic changes, the widescreen mod and One Pixel Productions are both excellent. Both are compatible with Tutu.
  13. I thought it was considered a bit rude to "shout" in big letters on forums. Tsk. Baronius would never get away with that standard of behaviour on BWL. They have, like, rules and stuff over there.
  14. It is slightly unfair for a lower level party - but melee fighters can come across "require +x weapons to hit" enemies too. Still, in this situation I would buff up to the max (particularly with fire protection for the pesky exploding kobolds) and simply wait out PfMW. He only has one memorised, that is 4 rounds, not very long - then move in with melee attacks. I seem to recall in an old iteration of SCS2 some pre-buffing would keep reoccurring if enemies lost sight of the player (yuan-ti mages were a particular culprit), so I am not sure if it is linked to that.
  15. The one I got off GOG was my third copy too. You always need a backup...and a backup backup.
  16. I'm sure you already know, but if you can spare $10 there is always GoG...no more CD grief at least.
  17. One thing I thought about trying in IA (never got round to it) was a party of 6 M/C fighter/mages. This was before multiclasses were nerfed by XP penalties etc. At one point (IA 4.2 I think) F/Ms really shone with their protections & melee capabilities, they could still attack in timestops etc. This probably doesn't apply now...but I was wondering what would be the optimal class if you had to pick 6 of the same in IA6? Dual R>C, or B>M or something? Would this type of party be inferior to a mixture of classes - does IA need a variety of classes? Or is it still the case that IA's focus on protections+melee mean these would still be very powerful parties?
  18. Traps are one thing in BG2 where the party and the enemy seem to be in different leagues, frankly. Traps which have been purportedly "laid by enemies" are always static and in the same location, and can be detected and disarmed by the party. Traps laid by the party can go anywhere, and cannot be disarmed. Is this one of those hardcoded things? It would be so cool if an enemy offscreen laid a few random traps. Or, in the spirit of the thread, you were woken by enemies who had surrounded your party with a few traps...
  19. I voted for the cheese too. I also like your goat picture, he looks like he's won the goat lottery. I do wonder whether BWL can survive in its current form. The tendency of IA to get ever harder in each iteration means that the pool of likely players diminishes, and makes for fewer paying members. I've no idea what goes on in the other forums. Is there a Tower of Deception fan club? I actually quite liked that mod.
  20. No, no. The mod isn't bugged. Their experience of the mod is bugged. Or something.
  21. Ardanis - but then the response is: why haven't we seen any time travellers, either currently or recorded in human history? If people have travelled back in time, either they chose not to visit this far back (too barbaric, lol), or so far back so as not to register in our history, or their travelling back created a new offshoot of existence which is closed to us (Nominar's point about parallel universes). Which always makes me wonder, how the hell did we end up with the boring universe? I want a more exciting one with time travellers, matter spontaneously appearing and disappearing, etc.
  22. I'm not even sure it is rock-paper-scissors, but rather scissors, scissors, scissors and the odd rock...because the mages in IA either run with: 1/ Ton of protections plus SI:Abjuration: the only non-Abjuration debuffer available is Ruby Ray of Reversal...which you have to cast again and again until all the protections have been peeled away. It means all your level 7 slots need to be filled with RRR, and if you don't have level 7 spells yet, tough luck. 2/ Ton of protections plus improved invisibility plus SI Divination: as IA doesn't have SCS's area based debuffers, the only counter here is a high level Dispel Magic...and as the enemies are usually higher level, good luck with that (or get an Inquisitor). At least this was my experience the last time I played in IA 4.2.
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