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[OS X] Amber working well so far


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My BGII - SoA/ToB install includes many mods, including all the joinable NPCs I find desirable and useful additions to parties. Among these is Amber, among other reasons because there don't appear to be many options for thieves besides Yoshimo (who I dislike, so I usually don't include him). I've gone through the process of getting Amber in my current test party, and so far, all appears to be well.


I like it when Amber initiates dialog with my main character (in this case, a female Half-Elf Fighter/Mage, who is a Battleguard of Tempus). At times, her tone is unfriendly, but she is willing to communicate. I like her ability scores and her special gear, and look forward to continuing interaction as the test game progresses.


In this game, I'm currently in Chapter 2, doing as many side quests as possible before bringing 15K in gold to Gaelan Bayle, so I can get the characters more XP/levels and the best gear they can acquire. My test games have never progressed beyond this chapter before, as I've dealt with many conflicts (and still it appears that one or more mods--I suspect Romantic Encounters, for one--is behaving badly with the others in my install).


It may be coinkidink, but since Amber joined the party, another mod NPC named Callisto is displaying unwanted behavior. Perhaps I should say "lack of behavior" instead here, as I can't get her to talk with my main character, drink any potions, or use any of her abilities. I can get her to move or and attack, but that is all. She still delivers some lines of dialog in response to some situations, but that's all. I don't know what the fix, if any, would be for this, so any suggestions are most welcome.


I'll take Amber as far into the game as I can, and report any interesting findings here, as doing so may be of value to other Mac users out there :)


Thanks for a splendid mod!


Happy gaming,


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I'm glad to hear you're liking Amber so far. :) It's always nice to hear from Mac (and Linux) users, since I have no way to test Amber on these platforms myself.


What comes to Callisto, I don't think her odd behaviour is related to Amber's joining, beyond being a coincidence. The lack of talking could be due a script issue, or perhaps her next talk has very strict conditions. Perhaps you should check back to the author of the mod. I don't know much about Callisto, but in general original NPC mods do work well together - or at least don't cause problems like you describe.


Although I haven't tried Romantic Encounters, I have good faith in Kylyok's coding abilities. This doesn't mean that there couldn't be conflicts, though. If two mods modify the same NPC, for example, there is a good chance that at least the stories don't fit together. Sometimes you just have to choose what mods to use in your current game.

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Guest Eric P.

I agree that the odd behavior is likely not directly related to Amber, or any other NPC mod in particular. I've seen other strange things in my game. The NPC Haldamir spawns at least three copies of the character, if not many more, all at once, when I enter the area where he spawns. I also have Beyond The Law installed, which includes an NPC named Kiyone (and another named Kova). Kiyone frequently spawns in several different areas, often in pairs, and sometimes she asks if I'd reconsidered letting her join my party. When I decline (for this particular test game), she repeats her dialog, but then stops after I decline again. One more strange thing is that I see multiple copies of Garren Windspear showing up in a couple areas (Temple District and Waukeen's Promenade), and I don't know why. I finished the Windspear Hills quest, having killed Firkraag, then talking with Garren and receiving the quest rewards.


There may be conflicting data written into one or more game files, but I think the only way to correct these behaviors is to reinstall everything, which I'm extremely hesitant to do right now.


Thanks for the response! I'll report further as time permits.


Best wishes,


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