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PLaying this mod a few days now and enjoying it so far. There is one annoyance though. Every now and then I get freezes when enemy mages starting to act.

Best example is the ogre mage at the very start of the game.

Once I am out of the dialogue I have to wait several seconds until I can do anything which is quite annoying. It doesn't always happen but practically always when mages try to engage in combat. Not sure what can cause that. I disabled pre combat casting simulation since it makes the ogre mage nearly unbeatable with Imp. Invis, Stoneskin and Blur.


My installation order of mods looks like this:


Ascension 1.41

Longer Road


G3 Fixpack

Rogue Rebalancing


NPC Kitpack

NPC Tweak (Anomen only)

G3 BG 2 Tweak Pack

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That's because of the large AI scripts it has to load, especially with Smarter Mages, Smarter Beholders and on older computers.


Yes I suspected as much but wasn't too sure. Got a pretty old AMD 64 1.8 GhZ system with 1 GB RAM with an XP which runs about 4-5 years and pretty slow now after dozens of programs being installed and uninstalled.


Another problem I face now is that SCS II seems to break the ability to import saved SoA games into ToB games with Ascension 1.42+Longer Road Mod.

I installed the mods I want to use in different orders some times and last installation I checked after every single mod and putting SCS 2 at the end of my installation order and with all other mods loading a save from SoA to ToB worked fine just when I installed SCS II last BG 2 ToB starts crashing after the map is loaded and level ups are applied.

I'd like to use my party in ToB actually when I'm through SoA again. =/


Edit: Importing Character Files works fine funnily.

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Another problem I face now is that SCS II seems to break the ability to import saved SoA games into ToB games with Ascension 1.42+Longer Road Mod.


If I had to guess, I'd guess it's the "access Watcher's Keep between SoA and ToB" component. It does an EXE hack (which is always prone to causing problems) and isn't really designed for play styles other than the standard SoA-ToB transfer.


If you haven't got that component installed, though, I've no idea what could be causing the problem.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunatly I do not use this feature. It really maybe that my comp and my detoriated XP system can't handle some of the loading stuffs when importing saves combined with SCS 2 though it eludes me what SCS 2 can load on the very first ToB ap with no enemies present.

But that's just a wild guess. Well since it'll take a while until I'm through SoA I will have some opportunities to check. At worst I simply have to uninstall SCS 2 until I get my party into ToB from SoA and reinstall after.


By the way great mod otherwise, much more enjoyable for me than other mods like Tactics or IA and has been bug free so far in either SoA or ToB.


Just can't solo improved Illasera with Ascenion and SCS 2 on a fresh charcter. :)


Edit: I use Easy Cleaner Tool to keep my registry clean. I am pretty sure it's my autostart stuffs but I am not firm enough to really gauge what programs really must run and which I can shut down using msconfig command.

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