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Question. Opinions on the Silverstar mod


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Well I am about to start playing bg2 after beating tutu and I was wondering if this mods any good. I can find NOTHING on this mod other than a few reviews that reviewed most every npc mod as a 7/10 or higher.

So any opinions? I don't really like the idea of trying her myself then dumping her if she sucks because the more npc mods I have (I have 3) the more chance of lag thanks to the ogg files in the override (At least thats what I was told).

So Opinions?

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I have not played her, but I have looked at the code - Old Skool, and looks solid (hey, it is a mod from 2003!). I think folks think the banter dialog chokes off because they are not remembering that the NPC is twisted, and clinically insane, so some of her dialog seems to trail off into nothingness that looks like it should lead somewhere, but doesn't. A good mod for folks traveling the dark path, or wanting some darkness interjected. Just be sure you want an insane elven assassin dogging your footsteps, expect some minor bad language, and discussion/action on killing of innocents... she seems like a good lifemate for the FR equivalent of the dude from Silence of the Lambs (on so many levels...)

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