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BGTTweask compatiblity

Strontium Dog

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Is the spell revisions mod compatible with BG2Tweaks mod? The latter mod , last time I played, had a component which allowed one to cast spells at increasingly greater saving-throw penaltyies for opponents depending on how much higher one's level was than the level needed to cast the relevant spells., and it's that component that I would like to use this time.

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Well, technically there shouldn't be any problem, but conceptually I wouldn't recommend to use that component with SR's spells. SR changes somewhat the "saves system", tieing the save penalties to the spell level. Combining that with further increased penalties will probably make high level spells really overpowered.


With players' feedback I'd like to understand which one of the two systems is better, and I may try to create a mix of the two (I've already done it for some low level spells).

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Personaly i don't like this option. That allow a spell to hit without saving thrown... It destroy the chance's factor. Even a Xvart should got a chance vs a level 30 mage. (even 1/20)


That's not for nothing that spell who don't allow saving throw are rare, and inexistants at low level.


Furthermore, BG2 is not fair and allow tons and tons of XP. So this component is not fair face to Ennemy imo.

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