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Anybody using level1 npcs and rogue rebalancing?


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I'm having a problem combining the two when I try to create Coran, for instance, as a

multi class fighter thief. (Why would I want to do that, since that is what he already is?

So I can fiddle his starting theiving proficiencies, and make him wield a short sword instead

of a dagger..) When things start up, I end up only with his thief proficiency possibilities -- so

I cannot put 2 stars in short sword, for instance.


seems to be a bug just with fighter thieves. fighter clerics are working as expected.


take care, and thank you for level 1 npcs

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Don't you pick the proficiencies at installation?




Yes, and that is the problem. I can only give him proficiencies as if he was a single class

thief -- so one slot rather than 2 -- even though as a fighter-thief I should be able to give

him 2 slots in short swords.



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