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About Sir Nord and the new biography

Guest Jenne

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first let me say thanks for this great mod. I've finished it once with Rizdaer, Diriel, Prachi, Nikosh and Peony and now I want to play it again with the other five (Nord, Hildury, Valeero, Jaemal and Salomeya). From the last runthrough I recall that Sir Nord came to me as soon as I got off the Wicked Wench, gave me a sword and writed the new biography into my journal. However, now that he is in my party, he just won't do that! No sword talk, no biography, nothing. Will it happen later, or have I just encountered some weird bug? I don't want to continue playing unless I know that everything is allright.

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Yeah, it's a bug. It looks like I made it conditional on triggering the first banter between the 6 'default' NPCs, but then made the NPC's banter to trigger only if Player 1 is not a custom protagonist. If you didn't leave the docks yet, please set


"P#FirstChat","GLOBAL" to 2 either via clua or DaleKeeper. That should trigger Nord's chat with the PC.


Alternatively, you can start up without Jaemal, and import him immediately after Nord made his spiel. It won't affect anything afterwards.

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