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Sigh... another question

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Hi guys, It's me again...


I'm planning on adding spells for the kit I'm making and one of its spells includes summons. I got no problem assigning names and description for the said spells since I know it can be done with Weidu but my problem lies with the names of the summons themselves. You see, their names are not in the dialog.tk. (eg. Cryonax w/ a different name not listed in .tk)


Although I know I can add their names with the help of NE to my dialog.tk manually but, is it possible to give names to my summons without writing on the dialog.tk manually, in Weidu perhaps? Is there a command the same as "SAY" but can be assigned to creatures or others? Or is "SAY" can be use to name anything Weidu dumps on the override?


I hope I'm making sense...


Hate being noob...

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Or is "SAY" can be use to name anything Weidu dumps on the override?

Bingo. Use it for any fields requiring strrefs (0x08 and 0x0c for .cre names, says IESDP) to have WeiDU add the string to dialog.tlk (if it's not already in there) and write its strref to the file.

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Spells don't usually have script name, I suppose you mean an ids entry.


ADD_SPELL is a little hard to grasp, but it ought to work. Basically, it is this;

ADD_SPELL fileName.spl spellLevel ~IDS_ENTRY~


Now, for an example, I have a spell called Obliterate, which is level 9. It has the fileName of #!spell.spl, and I want it to be script referenced as #!_WIZARD_OBLITERATE, because it is a wizard spell.


ADD_SPELL #!spell.spl 1 8 #!_WIZARD_OBLITERATE //ADD_SPELL of filename #!spell.spl, using type 1 (wizard) at the level of 8 (counts from 0, so level 0 = level 1 in game) and to be referenced by the name #!_WIZARD_OBLITERATE



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Guest Guest_aeviannce24_*

Thanks for the info.


I lately found out that forcespellRES is quite thesame and does not need a ids entry so I'm using that.


Anyway, thanks for the rep!

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