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SC Strategems II vs Tactics


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checking my understanding here: These are mutually exclusive mods, you want one or

the other but not both, correct? And this is in general true for all the mods listed in http://modlist.pocketplane.net/index.php?a...t&cat_id=91 ?? it looks like I could

install Super Firkraag over Tactics, but I am wondering about the mods that just look

like encounters. Are they fine to install with SCS II or Tactics? And if so should you

install them before SCS II or Tactics?


Thanks very much,


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Yes, the SCS2 readme is the most revealing, and tells you exactly what SCS2 components conflict with the Tactics mod.


Here's my suggestion:- install almost all of SCS2 - SCS2 even includes 1 or 2 Tactics-components, such as improved bodhi, if you want it. I think improved irenicus from tactics should be installed too as it sounds still better than anything SCS2 can produce, as yet. SCS2 also only enhances some dragons so it makes sense to install tactics dragon component first, and then the SCS2-dragon component. There are also a few tactics components to install, which do not conflict with the scs2 mod, the scs2 readme will reveal in which order to install them etc.


As for enhanced battle mods such as "Improved battles", the scs2 mod is so good that it's really not worth installing such minimods. There are 1 or 2 exceptions such as super firkraag which are clearly far more difficult than SCS2's Firkraag/dragon version, so install those after SCS2, not before, for obvious reasons.


Generally speaking, tactics is a bit like improved anvil in that monsters get all sorts of absurd damage-resistance etc., and it can get a bit tedious after a while. SCS2 places more emphasis on better AI, so is usually better than tactics' components.

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