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werewolf paws and non-shapeshifter classes

Strontium Dog

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I've always liked powergaming, so like to give all hostile NPCs 100% hit-points, improved ai such as tactics/scs2 etc., and just the max hp but (mostly)no ueber-items for my PCs. I never managed to work out,though, how to get a non-druid-shapeshifter(or fighter/shapeshifter) the ability to use the werewolf paws granted by the BG2Tweaks mod. I read a previous post stating that they used the equip any item ability(but , when I used shadowkeeper, previously, to add it in, it didn't work, you can only get it at high-levels, anyway, and reducing levels via shadowkeeper didn't seem to work. I want to be able to use the lesser werewolf paws, and then the greater were wolf paws at the appropriate level(13th?). Anyone tell me how to use shadowkeeper to do this(or how to clua it in etc.)? Thanks.

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Yes, but I'd like to use that HLA ability with the lesser werewolf paws right from 1st level in BG1(for BGT). Well, maybe the problem was that, using shadowkeeper, I set the use any item HLA ability to once a day - since it's an automatic, always functioning ability, perhaps etting it to 0 in shadowkeeper would work?


By the way, I've often thought it was ridiculous that Faldorn was a spirit druid while Cernd was a shapeshifter-druid. It should have been the other way round, given their characters.

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