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Update (20Aug10)


Okay, here are some links to all of the files, the directions below should still apply:










[12Nov08: beta1.05]


Please note that this is pretty rough. It might ruin you iwd1 and/or iwd2 installs, so if you have any save games you care about, you might want to copying them somewhere. The safest thing to do is to copy the chiten.key and override folder to somewhere else on you disk.


If you have any mods installed for iwd1 and/or iwd2, uninstall them! This mod probably won't work with them.


IIRC, the beta works up through the vale of shadows but probably not after that.


You can download the files here:




  1. IWD1Tutu-beta1.05.rar
  2. IWD1Tutu-biks.rar
  3. how142eng.zip
  4. IWD2Patch201.exe


User: iw12

Pass: 4ne12get


The second file is quite big, but contains all the biks converted to work with iw12


I forgotten all the caveats on this, please read the beta notes in this section.


Here's what I did to install:

  1. Installed IWD1 - Full
  2. Installed IWD1 - HoW - Full
  3. Installed IWD1 - HoW - ToTLM (patch 1.42)
  4. Installed IWD2 - Full
  5. Installed IWD2 - Patch 2.01
  6. Allow write permission to IWD2's Override folder (right click and check permissions)
  7. Run iw12.bat
  8. Install MVE files from IWD1Tutu-biks.rar archive into Override folder


All of the code and makefiles are included, so if you have cygwin installed and have "ocaml" (same version and install path I have there) then you can hack around with it. I'll try and start another "developer" thread for anyone interested in hacking this stuff.

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