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Item sets


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As one of optional components.


Maybe some of you remember mod made by polish modder Nastian, it was called "Enhanced BG". Mod as mod, gave some overpowered kits and items... but there was also one, great component. Item sets. There were only two of them: Balduran's Glory (helmet, plate, sword and shield) and Dragonslayer (sword, helmet and shield). When u had all of items from set, there were additional benefits (Dragonslayer had additional, quite big bonus to resistances as I remember). Idea was oryginally taken from Diablo 2.


Nastian wanted to enhance this idea but he's gone.


What do you think about refreshing this thing? We can find few additional sets of items (give katana and wakizashi one!) and that can be quite cool. :)

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I like the idea quite much, though it does involve scripts, and currently isn't a priority.


Annother set would be Kiel's equipment, and a Daisho (= katana+companion sword wakizashi) does seem appropriate for a mini-set. :)


I originally started to write Helm of Resilience's background thinking of it as a pieace of a set, being Berserking Sword the weapon, and perhaps Crimson Chain the armor. :p


I'll ask Mike what he thinks about it, I'm all for it, but just not now. :)

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