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Downloaded this along with all the other various BG1/Tutu mods I could lay my hands on. I wasn't intending to pick up Mur'Neth, but I installed him simply because I could.


Ran into him with no intention of recruiting him, I had my party just as I wanted it, and Imoen was taking care of thief duties. Imoen is an NPC who has never, ever, not been included in my party. Mur'Neth changed that (that and Indira and Imoen were starting to have chats about doing their hair... and I thought Kivan got on my nerves).


His initial dialogue and backstory were absolutely fascinating, and the superb grammar (nothing lept out at me) was the icing on the cake. Of course, the attention to detail helps. We killed some slimes, he didn't say anything and I started having doubts, but then we emerge outside, up fires a dialogue, and rather than needing to ask the modder "Why didn't slime boy protest" I got to ask him in person! It cannot be overstated how important such minor details are.


His stats are terrible, and I've only had a couple of dialogues with him thus far, but he has been a wonderful addition to the party, simply through force of personality. Original and well-written, something that is seen all too little, and luckily this is the exception to the rule.


I see a future for him with me, and of course his evil alignment is a bonus. Congratulations on what appears to be a job well done.

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Thanks for the kind words. :(


The stats aren't too high, since I feel that his abilities should make up for him. However having said that if people do find that he's not pulling his weight they can always be changed. :D In my current run of Tutu I'm going to take him so I can have a proper see, but alas am not that far along yet.


Since he was developed as a One Day NPC initially he doesn't have that much dialogue - he interjects outside the Mines as you have noticed and has a banter set. :p I am doing more writing for future versions, and have several places where I know conversations will definitely pop up (such as Narcillius the Slime Mage, and in the sewers of Baldur's Gate).


I'm glad you approve of the writing, since that does appear to be something you frequently comment on. :O I do try and avoid typos and grammatical errors, as they bug the hell out of me too! :O


Thanks again, and please, let me know of any more comments you have.

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