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Alternate Soundtrack/BGT?

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Has anyone installed the alternate soundtrack mod with a Big World Project installation? If so, did it work and where did you install it , early or late in the installation?

I've not used it in a megamod install, but I'd guess that it should be able to be installed wherever you'd like to put it. The only changed files are the actual (.acm) sound files, so you should hear the new music for, say, "Slums at Night", whenever you'd regularly hear the old one.


If you use a mod that alters the entries in SONGLIST.2DA to remove references to the old songs (like the BGT Music option for 'Full Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast Music'), you'll likely not hear the songs.


I can't think of any other concerns... let us know you fare with this. :thumbsup:

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