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PST Scrolling. What's up with that?

Guest Å ime

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Guest Å ime

It seems to me like nobody's addressing the issue with PST Widescreen screen scrolling bug. This leads me to believe that I'm the only one experiencing it.


Basically, it treats the left side of the screen relatively okay. But when I try to scroll north (mouse pointer on the top) on the right side, it starts scrolling north-east. Also, it treats the lower left and lower right sides of the screen the same way, they start scrolling south west - south east, respectively. Note that I'm nowhere near the corners of the screen. Well, at least not close enough to be classified as a desire to scroll diagonally.


The screen size is 1280x900 (I think), it's the 2CD version.


Other mods I'm using are:


PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack, by Qwinn: v2.00

Dialogue Spelling/Grammar Corrections (English Only): v2.00

Subtitled Cutscenes: v2.00

GhostDog's Planescape: Torment UI -> PST UI with default fonts: v1.0

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