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Looking for a Proof-reader/Editor


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I am looking for an English native speaker with a good grasp on grammar and punctuation to help out as a proof-reading/editing for my module, The Heir. There is a fair number of texts written out for the first part of the module described below, they are in doc format/posted in a forum workroom.


The module description: After a few centuries of warfare between a Kingdom of Verej and the growing Lagodian Empire, the Heir to the Kingdom of Verej is wed by proxy to his or her main opponent on the battlefield - the Heir Apparent to Lagodian throne, prince/esse Suliko. The Prince/Princess now travels to Lagoda to meet his or her spouse face to face for the first time and to ensure that peace and stability is brought to Verej. But strange rumors and spy reports come from Lagoda, such as a surprising and swift destruction of the Valorite Order personally patronized by Prince/esse Suliko. Attacked en route by a group of noble outlaws, and having have found smaller diversions and adventures, the Prince/esse of verej finally arrives to Lagoda to discover....


Please PM me if you are interested in helping out.

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