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SHS: erebusant's Mod Updates

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Spellhold Studios


Ever the hardworking maintainer, erebusant has updated several mods with translation updates and bug fixes including NTotSC, DSotSC, Secrets of BoneHill and AzenMOD.


Here's the full list of changes and updates!

  • Bonehill updated to v240 and includes Italian translation & WeiDU v209 and a few bugfixes.
  • Bonehillv235 updated to v245 with Italian translation and WeiDU v209.
  • DSotSC updated to v215 with bugfixes, translation updates and WeiDU v209.
  • NTotSC updated to v170 with Will Flail Fix, other Bug fixes translation updates and WeiDU v209.
  • NTotSCv163a updated to v171 with translation updates and bugfixes and WeiDU v209.
  • AzenMOD updated to v5 with a cleaned installation with more sensible folders and WeiDU v209.

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