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Input request on some mods please


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I am an original BG fan, and once again it is time to dust of the game cd's install it all over again. Mods make the game enjoyable for me, its like dressing for a salad... so much better together. In any case I really want to use a lot of mods, however I am terrified of spending a month or 2 and getting close to the end and then run into incompatibility's and effectively kill the current game/install (happened to me a few times over the years). Many of these mods I have used before but it has been a few years and they CAN work together IF (emphasis on IF) they are installed int he correct order.


I will list mods I would like to use and put a * in front of the ones I think of as critical (i.e. not fun without).




* G3 BG2 Fixpack

Classic Adventures

* Ascension-WeiDU

Westley Weimer's Tactics mod (love it but might not be compatible with newer mods)


* Westley Weimer's Spell-50 mod

* Westley Weimer's Solaufein NPC mod

Westley Weimer's Valen NPC mod

* Kelsey NPC (v2.2) [link]

* Unfinished Business

* SimDing0's Quest Pack

* Oversight

* Sword Coast Stratagems

Tower of Deception

* Igi's iiItem

Revised (Improved) Battles Mod

The Gibberlings Three Anniversary Mod

* Dungeon-Be-Gone

* Dungeon Crawl (v3)

* Westley Weimer's Item Upgrade mod

* Westley Weimer's Underrepresented Items mod

Keto NPC

Iylos NPC

* G3 Crossmod Banter Pack

* PPG NPC Banter Packs

SHS NPC Interaction Expansion Project

Widescreen Mod (Not sure if I want to mess with this one or not)

Chloe NPC

* Saerileth NPC

* aTweaks (v1)

* G3 BG2 Tweak Pack

* Sword Coast Stratagems II

* Ashes of Embers

* Item Revisions Mod

* Ding0's Tweak Pack

* Refinements





Will these all work together? What ones will not work? What is the install order?


Any help would be greatly appreciated



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