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SHS: One Pixel Productions v2.x Released

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Spellhold Studios


Earlier this week Erephine released the next version of her wonderful One Pixel Productions, adding a few more components into the single-install version. Over the past few years Erephine has made marvellous addition after marvellous addition to 1PP, and as always, we look forward to seeing what's next!


This version contains the following subcomponents, as well as the original v2 components:

  • Flaming Swords
  • Flame Short Swords
  • v3 Paperdolls (human, half-orc, elven, halfling, partially dwarves)
  • Legacy Shields - Bucklers (D1)
  • Legacy Shields - Small Shields (D2)
  • Legacy Shields - Medium Shields (D3)
  • Colourable Quarterstaves


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