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Guest Curiosity

Hi, I'm just wondering where you modders get the translations for all the elvish used in this mod? I've looked around, but all the elvish translators I find aren't very good... (I'm probably not looking very hard, lol)

One thing in particular; I got a few talks while playing through BG1 with the NPC Project about Xan and Kivan getting drunk together, and the next day they were like "oh, what did we do?" etc, and my pc replied something like "well, your helping my elvish. What does ilatarala menatira mean?" I think that was the elvish words, but excuse my idiocy if its wrong. So, uh, what does it mean?

I like elves and all, but I'm not a whizz at the dialouge part. Thanks in advance for any answers. :D

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Be careful about using online translated phrases. Make sure the vocabulary AND grammar are correct.

About llatarala menatira :-)... I tried to translate it and failed. I was not yet aware that it intentionally was gibberish. Soooo...

I assumed that <charname> simply misheard (or misremembered) what Kivan and Xan had said when they were very drunk. "lathrada men tírad aníra." is similar in form (which would remind Kivan of what was actually said), but makes a lot more sense: "Seeing us, s/he wants to eavesdrop." Maybe a barmaid was hanging around the table. Of course, why this would embarrass Kivan that much suggests that other things they had said attracted her attention. I suggest for a possible new version:

"Xan: Han lathrada men tírad aníra nautharon.

Kivan: Han tâd ammen edhellen aníra nautharon."

Xan: I think, seeing us, that she wants to eavesdrop.

Kivan: I think that she wants two of us elves...

(not serious, but a lot of work and fun in writing....)

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