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Liches and Fiends


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I've been playing through the Asylum with 'Items are taken party in Spellhold' SCS2's component. When I reached the undead company near the library I found there 2 skeleton warriors, 2 great mummies and a lich having a party. Not being a suicidal type I decided to make a good use of 'Summom Fiend' scroll that I had got not too long before.


Fine, the door is opened, PC starts summoning Glabrezu (SpellRevisions), while another one throws DB Fireball in for further fun. They yell 'who's burned the whole vodka supply up?', see a demon who came in without an invitation and being already pretty much drunk think him to be the obvious culprit. Demon sees them making a scary drunky faces reeking of vodka showing the middle tooth and decides to play a Schwarz beating some punks into dust, only this time there are five punks instead of three. Viconia turns FarsightTV on and the party watches the premier of Terminator 4: Within the Asylum. Soon only the lich stands and...


...demon leaves the remaining punk and teleports to the TV party, not knowing that it was a live show. Reload, as you might guess.


Investigation revealed that the lich wore a ring which protected him from demons (as Pro Evil). First I've thought SCS or SR to be faulty, but they weren't. Ok, I've deleted the ring from override, loaded it and what? It still was Pro Demon.


My problem is, I remember vanilla liches summoning demons and fighting them. And I do think that demons were fighting back as well. Sometimes even killing a lich.



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Liches are permanently off limits to summoned demons, although the lich will regard them as an enemy and attack (potentially killing themselves with stellar casting of Meteor Swarm and other high-level spells). I think it's just one of those things where you're *sure* the demons used to attack to liches because you want to believe you'd remember that they never did (I'm feeling it too, but as far as I know, they never should without some mod that changes that ring).

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