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Spell turning animation

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Does, (or will in v3) SR's spell turning and other similar spells that use that white ball animation be using the 1pp animation?


I'm curious because i plan on using IR and SR, and i know IR includes some 1pp components, but says nothing about this particular feature in the readme, whether it is in or not, and not even if it's compatible, unlike the other things where you mention that they are in/out but compatible or not...i'm not even sure which part of 1pp puts that animation into the game, so i wouldn't know which 1pp component to install...anyone able to help me out with this whole issue? I like the 1pp version at any rate.

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The 'ball' is the spell deflection/immunity/trap animation, not spell turning one.


Just copy into your override the SPMAGGLO.BAM e SPMAGGLO.WWC files from 1pp.

Actually I don't know what spmagglo.vvc is for, as it's not used by any file in vanilla. Just copying spmagglo.bam will replace the animation. I've tried it a few minutes ago and I must say it's probably better than the original but I have one doubt about its implementation. The globe is now very little, and I fear it wouldn't suit creatures bigger than a human...I'll try it with a few animations and let you know.


Edit: it looks fine on liches, but extremely ugly on a Yuan-ti mage, as the creature is much bigger than the sphere (and I remember them using these kind of spells).


I'll see if I can find another suitable animation from IWD.

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