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  1. It's normal. As of a recent version that component takes 'ages' to install but in-game times are a lot smoother.
  2. Woot, found it! If LordofBones is still around this might help him, because after some reinstalling it's that component the one that causes the crashes in my install as well. I wonder why? It affects only the protagonist so it makes sense, and I remember ( now I remember, yay timing ) the bug disappearing sometime through the SoA part - just can't swear it was after spellhold.
  3. Raj


    What are you waiting for? On a serious note, is it really that out of SR scope to change [vanilla] creatures' abilities in order to have modded spells deal with them? Like you did for Nishruus, or the Lesser Demon Lord within IR. Edit: SR has to be installed early so SCS/Atweaks and other mods that add ability drain attacks won't be affected but that would be a first step in the right direction.
  4. Raj


    Inspired by the the ''wtf vampires are OP'' scs2 thread, is there a way to remove ability score drains? It could be a nice feature for restoration spells.
  5. Fwiw, two months ago I went through SoA with the newest improved vampires component, a standard party where everybody engaged every battle ( no solo berserker while everybody else hides ) and afaik no special anti-undeads gear ( MoD/Azuredge/Daystar were randomized late in the game and I didn't buy green scrolls ). I am playing with a customized wannabe-3ed CON table: basically it's +1 hp every 2 levels ( and some regeneration increase every odd level ) so every vampire drain blood is -10 maxHP. In a standard setting going from 14 to 6 CON has no effect at all. Well, I only noticed the drink blood ability against the vampire in Spellhold, proly because the lack of good armor that caused Korgan to drop to to 50 or so HP, but nobody died because of it. In chapter 6 I payed a lil more attention to the logs but the ability didn't look overwhelming, the frontliners were missing at most 6 con ( 30 hp ) after the Bodhi fight. The party is well experienced at this stage of the game anyway, a bunch of vampires are no longer scary. While not overkill, I agree that this ability is a bit annoying because of its long duration; Illithid's INT drain has a duration of 30, drink blood is 3000. I woudn't be against it if there was a way ( restoration? heal? cure disease? ) to remove the ability drain but afaik there's no way to get rid of it. Is it enough to edit the 3 duration istances ( two times [WRITE_LONG 0xe+~eff_off~ 3000 // duration] and a [duration=3000] ) in the vampire.tph -> // blood-draining attacks?
  6. Just to reassure the lurker Demi before he wastes time checking SR over and over delaying the release of other mods , I'm pretty sure the bug has nothing to do with his mod; it looks obvious because SR doesn't mess with rings, but I saw this post here and at first glance it looked like some sort of compatibility issue for the OP. Installation order for the relevant mods involved in mydebug test in short is SR->SCS2->Atweaks Test 1) I removed Atweaks and the bug persisted, then I removed SCS2 and the bug has been gone. SR wasn't touched. Test 2) I removed only SCS2 and the bug persisted. I removed ATweaks and it looks gone. I reinstall ATweaks and the crashes are back. I guess I shall inquire a lil more on the Atweaks board. SCS2 shouldn't be involved ( it isn't listed in the OP weidu log, I uninstalled it cuz it's a pain to re-install the mages component ) but then I wonder what happened in the first test. Even the OP sorta fixed it reinstalling Atweaks. Edit: np Demi, it should be safe to edit the topic title to not scare potential mod users.
  7. Sorry Ardanis I missed your reply, then my job forced to stop me play for a while: my weidu log is posted here. I'll make some backups and try to un/reinstall one mod at time in order to figure it out. Baldur.err isn't helping me. Judging by my latest saves the crash occours only if I have AI turned ON: my main character ( just him ) can't have any ring equipped on his right hand slot; I did some testing and it looks like the starting areas of SoA and ToB are the exceptions to this weird issue ( or it's caused by some variable that comes into play later ), because I could clua rings and equip them just fine. Playing with AI turned OFF lets me equip any ring, then as soon as I activate it the game crashes.
  8. Heh ty but I wasn't asking for battle hints; BG is a single-player game and I play with a bunch of edits and house rules so that most comparisons are impossible. Some examples: I never equip my proud fighters with mundane weapons to deal with pfmw, never rest till somebody is tired and always in inns/safe areas, never prebuff before ambushes always making my low wisdom PC look surprised and unbuffed when that poor golden skull I helped decides to attack me and so on, trying to avoid metagaming. That's mostly because I played the game more times I want to admit. I pleased my ego clearing Uth Natha once and Incendiary Cloud helped a lot, but under Spell Revision elemental protection spells make you immune to the spell itself so there's no 127+ fire res -> heal; sunfire doesn't bypass MR anymore too; different rules, different games. Valen, Anti-Paladins with Unholy Reaver and Kurosain's katana are good memories but they are way unbalanced for my actual standards. It's odd that your party wasn't over the SoA cap, but I guess we play different because I never go early anymore to WK, nor I go after the SotM before the Underdark; my mages, recruited at 161000 and 400000 xp, were lvl 17 by the end of the Underdark afaik, after doing most of the quests in chap 2-3 ( no liches/Kangaxx/Guarded Compound/Alhoon/Rune/Dragons ). Btw, something that could help a SCS2 player a lot given the abundancy of potions dropped by enemies ( I think I'll cut that % to 1/4 ) is mass use of potions, but I almost never use consumables: oddly enough in all these years I never ever used a scroll of magic protection, I always end putting those things in a container thinking ''I'll use this later'', same with any high level scroll or rare potion; maybe drinking a ton of potions of magic protection and using those green scrolls could make Kangaxx and the Rune a pushover but I fear I'll never post a review about that. Lazy me.
  9. Guess I'll check during the next reinstallation. I still have issues with Cespenar: after a couple successful creations I have to manually set the global ITEMCREATE to 0 or he's stuck with the ''Enjoy!'' dialogue option.
  10. I wonder if this is IR-related, but the Machine of Lum the Mad is bugged and the cause could be the randomization of the mace that somehow messed things up; if not, then I've no clue. Basically, I'm no longer allowed to make three choices when playing with the machine: after two I get the a random effect. For example, in order to open the portal to the next level I usually need to click triangle-red-medium, but after selecting triangle and red the machine thinks I'm done and I receive the random effect. The same happens whatever combination I use. Edit: I fixed that myself changing a line in gorlum2.dlg Global("counter","GLOBAL",2) has to be Global("counter","GLOBAL",3)
  11. Polimorph other is simply unrealistical: even in a world of magic I can't stand a Firkraag squirrel farting fireballs while hiding in his bottom a holy avenger greater than him. I don't like the idea of these squirrels who keep stoneskin and hundreds of hit points that need my whole party to jump on them for the killing blow, while I feel more satisfactory spells that actually finish the job. Personal taste, that is; others might find it funny and don't mind. In vanilla it's a bit too effective because it stands on par with higher level save-or-die spells, and can be put into a 3x sequencer relatively early. With SR+SCS, it became a poor choice because those worth a save-or-else in the early stages of the game are bosses immune to the effect or with too many hd and mages well protected. Level 4 slots share the ''fill this level with stoneskins'' common problem, and there's still plenty of better alternatives: Secret Word, MGoI, II, GM, Confusion, Emotion. If I want some eye-candy effect, before memorize polimorph with the nerfed save ( that means that I'm proly going to not see any cool animation at all ) I'd opt for a teleport field or a ice storm, and now thanks to all the bats/insects flying around and the no casting failure on 0 dmg the fireshields received a huge bump in usefulness. Later in the game when I have more slots ( a big praise to the tweaked pnp tables and a huge one to DW for taking them in consideration for enemies as well ) and I can add variety to my spellbook then almost everything is too high level to be affected, immune to polimorph or with such high MR and saves that if I'm going to first lower its resistance and drop its saves I might as well use a FtS or FoD. The spell lacks targets: humanoids are fine, but then you can confuse them as well and they're as good as dead ( + area, + save penality, etc. ). You don't need a permanent disable to win a battle. With SR installed even Otiluke's sphere and break enchantment proved to be more useful. I used a lot the enchanted weapon, the farsight and wizard eye made for good roleplay scouting, the minor sequencer is always useful... polimorph other is there for the coolness factor, but if I ever menage to squirrel-ize anyone, it's somebody who could have been killed in a thousand different ways and I decided to have my fun out of a scroll after I decided the target didn't pose a threat anymore. That being said, I'd love to see my characters polimorphed by a enemy SCS mage ( evokers who can't cast from ench school ), it would give a incentive memorize dispel over remove magic and afaik in vanilla/IR there's only one item with immunity to polimorph so it's a sensibile spell choice against players in chapters 2-4. Feeblemind: better than polimorph but again very few targets worth a 5th slot that are not immune; those who are are proly mages, and against them I need the reliable breach/oracle a lot more; if I can hit a mage with a level 5 save-or-else, I'm going to chose Domination every time ( I can use his summons, make him help me and then waste dispels on himself, etc ). Chaos has a even better effect: you disable a foe and then ignore it till you can deal with it, but with its AoE and no save against lowbies it's hugely more powerful ( and I even reduced the duration to 5 rounds, and halved SR save penalities ). What is immune to chaos and domination but not to feeblemind and worth a lvl 5 slot? Some poor dragon maybe, but then against them I'm going to deplete my level 5 slots between lower resistance, protection from x element and breaches, and then FtS ends the job more nicely. SCS2 mages use Feeblemind and it's decent against players but it's a enchanter poor choice, Domination and Chaos do wonders. Your suggested penality to casting speed sounds good but then if I can target a mage with a single target spell it means that I removed his invisibility and his antimagic defences, so I could as well throw him a lighting bolt, or a breach, and end the job; or just attempt to dominate him. Miscast magic suffers of the same issue but is lower level and divine so while I don't use it I can't say it's useless or next to. Incendiary Cloud: it cripples the AI a bit too much when it comes to two of my favourite targets, liches and beholders; the formers are too slow to move outside it, the latters can't dispel it and are doomed; the effect bypass MR so I used it in a past powergaming run where I cleared Uth Natha thanks to it; I never liked much cloud spells because the AI while doing a good job running from them can't use them against players with the same effect if they're not immune to the effect somehow ( liches and rakshasas filling the screen with cloudkills are indeed nasty ) and sit inside of them. Incendiary Cloud is level 8 so a big no for raks and too risky for the enemy mages if they are dispelled or breached. OT: are efreetis immune to it? Overall the fire damage is plenty, and there's a good competition for level 8 slots.
  12. Not sure if this is material for IR, but I'd welcome a component that lowers the amount of money availabe to players, or creates some money-sink. At the start of ToB, after having forged everything I could forge, bought many items from stores with a cha 10 protagonist ( didn't swap the toons around in order to shop either ), even bought at 40k gold each the tomes from BG1 I reintroduced ( I was hoping for them to be an adequate money sink but... ) and having crafted a bunch of scrolls with the ATweaks component I am left with 200k gold. This before killing anything in WK or ToB and starting to sell the +3 gear To be fair, I'm a packrat and ended vanilla ToB with more than 1 million more than once; I almost never buy potions or scrolls either. To keep it simple maybe an option to raise Cespenar/Cromwel prices, or reduce by a % amount the value of items. Rearranging the random loot tables might be a cool thing as well.
  13. 'Cespenar can forge SoA items': I'm getting a 'no valid reply or links' error with subsequent end dialog upon the imp recognizing the Hammer of Thunderbolts ( "Hey! I know this! Famous hammer."). I have the hammer, the scroll and the gauntlets with me, lacking the belt that I randomized into ToB and have yet to find; if I drop the hammer, he notices the scroll but not the gloves and dialog doesn't crash. If I clua the belt i can then forge the Crom Faeyr. This doesn't happen with the Equalizer or the Bow of Gesen even if I lack some parts; people with the standard itemlist table might encounter this issue as well if they randomized with item loss, or if the belt has been sold/dropped/missed.
  14. Incendiary Cloud has been a fantastic spell; so good that I think I'll remove the visual range decrease that SR grants it, the damage over time is enough. My break didn't last much, just killed Ascension with SCS2 scripting Illasera. Her mage casted a Incendiary Cloud Fwiw the mage had pre-casted Spell Shield but then used a trigger with another Spell Shield in it, so I guess one has been wasted. In chap 2-3 in places without many enemy mages dispelling my buffs I used to run around with the party full protected from fire, 2-3 fire elementals and efreetis firing fireballs, and sunfire galore.
  15. The other options won't work. Without SR I'd never try vanilla FtS ( or disintegration ) on dragons because I'd lose the loot anyway. Now I didn't install the tb#tweaks component for FtS ( last time I went through ToB I coudn't un-stone those silly adventurers in Abazigail's lair ) but it looks like there was no need, as Nizi dropped everything. The other two spells I regard a bit cheesy and lately I started to give up on cheesy tactics for some more challenge. I had Xan with SR disintegrate because I really like the spell animation ( since the first time I saw it in the Irenicus dungeon cutscene ) but before SR changed it I almost never used it: now it's a fine spell to annihilate a freshly breached lich who recasted pfmw, and handy to have on a sorc in order to deal with mordy swords without wasting room on the book for death spell. Damage-wise using lvl 6 slots for improved haste is going to help you a lot more, but coolness factor is important I never casted polimorph other or feeblemind so can't give feedback on how those two spell deal with SCS2; given my typical luck save-or-nothing spells aren't that worth memorize if I try to limit reloads.
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