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  1. Raj


    What are you waiting for? On a serious note, is it really that out of SR scope to change [vanilla] creatures' abilities in order to have modded spells deal with them? Like you did for Nishruus, or the Lesser Demon Lord within IR. Edit: SR has to be installed early so SCS/Atweaks and other mods that add ability drain attacks won't be affected but that would be a first step in the right direction.
  2. Raj


    Inspired by the the ''wtf vampires are OP'' scs2 thread, is there a way to remove ability score drains? It could be a nice feature for restoration spells.
  3. Not sure if this is material for IR, but I'd welcome a component that lowers the amount of money availabe to players, or creates some money-sink. At the start of ToB, after having forged everything I could forge, bought many items from stores with a cha 10 protagonist ( didn't swap the toons around in order to shop either ), even bought at 40k gold each the tomes from BG1 I reintroduced ( I was hoping for them to be an adequate money sink but... ) and having crafted a bunch of scrolls with the ATweaks component I am left with 200k gold. This before killing anything in WK or ToB and startin
  4. 'Cespenar can forge SoA items': I'm getting a 'no valid reply or links' error with subsequent end dialog upon the imp recognizing the Hammer of Thunderbolts ( "Hey! I know this! Famous hammer."). I have the hammer, the scroll and the gauntlets with me, lacking the belt that I randomized into ToB and have yet to find; if I drop the hammer, he notices the scroll but not the gloves and dialog doesn't crash. If I clua the belt i can then forge the Crom Faeyr. This doesn't happen with the Equalizer or the Bow of Gesen even if I lack some parts; people with the standard itemlist table might encoun
  5. Raj


    Chant needs you to close the gap between you and enemies, that's why I see it fitting a more combat oriented cleric; I lowered SR save penalities to spells and made some effects not stackable so enemies don't end hugely doomed. I woudn't mind it being moved to level 3 btw. Ardanis, we got that but what about the luck parameter? I did some testing throwing fireballs at some poor ogre magi and noticed that they could pass concentration checks even after taking 20+ damage so that luck parameter did actually matter ( and made me turn off that component, it looked more like a ''make casting
  6. Raj


    With concentration check, they have far greater chance to succeed. [ToBEx]What's the check? More specifically, what's the ''luck'' bonus?[/ToBEx] I skipped that component worried that melf acid arrow and similar spells that I ( and the AI ) use for weak dmg but spellcasting interruption become useless.
  7. It was a fresh install of SoA+ToB; I never reached the point of loading a save: just after the trailers and after clicking on one of the two icons that make you start a game ''Play ToB with the new areas and the Watcher Keep blah blah'' I had the red error message on the ToBEx console, then a window popped out with the error I copy/pasted and a ''ok'' button. Can't do anything else but clicking on that button, and that closes the executable. Beta 19 is compatible, beta 20 is not.
  8. I installed those things, clicked on ''play'', skipped the trailers, clicked on ''play tob'', got the error while loading a game, crashed.
  9. Raj


    Join the club SCS2 Elder Orbs: Minor sequencer 2x web. Edit: Fwiw I changed chant casting time to 2 - mostly for standardization, spell level = casting time for almost all spells, with the notable exceptions everybody knows - and never regret it: with longer time priests always get interrupted or I felt that they were wasting their limited combat prowess. SCS AI casts prayer istantly during the prebuff routine, or tries to cast it during the battle effectively wasting a round so there is no middle ground. Cool thing about SR is that it's heavily customizable w/o crippling t
  10. 19. (But if you have a newer version, SCS2 won't overwrite it.) assertion failed in CRuleTables.cpp at line number 5655 Quick test, quick crash. // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version] ~TOBEX/TOBEX.TP2~ #0 #100 // TobEx - Core: Beta 0020 ~TOBEX/TOBEX.TP2~ #0 #107 // Allow All Races to Dual Class: Beta 0020 ~TOBEX/TOBEX.TP2~ #0 #109 // Disable Experience Boost: Beta 0020 ~TOBEX/TOBEX.TP2~ #0 #110 // Disable Force Inv
  11. What if I want to install some of the optional components from ToBEx? Up to which beta version of ToBEx is SCS2 installing all of the core components?
  12. Sry my bad, I was trying to install a sort of 6.1,5
  13. Latest hotfixes cause installation failure ( weidu mode 2 ): ERROR: No translation provided for @1393 This is from in-game @1394="Herrrm...well, my village is in dire need. I'll tell you what...if you end the murders, I will give you a magical item that belonged to our first ranger protector." @1395="As agreed, here is the item of my ancestor ranger...I assure you it is most strongly bound with magic!" @1396="In fact...I have an item from an ancestor of mine... once the ranger protector for Imnesvale. It is bound with magic as strong as any." @1397="I am not sure if the item w
  14. This is the relevant bit in my custom weidulocation if it may helps: w1 5 templemess.fl blank w8 Temple reward, special treatment necessary w2 5 chapter3.fl blank w39 a named vampire or shadow thief during chapter 3 w3 5 tolger.fl blank w1c w4 5 uddrow24.sto ar2200 x w5 5 ribald3.sto ar0702 x w6 5 samia1.fl ar1202 w10 w7 5 ribald3.sto ar0702 x Ribald's special wares checking with infinity it sounded like he had to drop sper10.itm (tolger2.cre had it) shld24 blank ribald.
  15. The dao in Trademeet doesn't drop any item if killed ( while in vanilla you can refuse to do the quest, kill the dijnni and still get rashad's talon ); giving him the rakshasa head works. I have a feeling the same issue can be true for Tolgerias, as I didn't give him Valygar body but killed him in the planar sphere and he only had a couple scrolls.
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