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SCS & Undead


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Hello, DavidW!


Does SCS (II) change the Undead class for some enemies that originally have that?




Haven't I answered that before for you?


The answer hasn't changed: no (at least not intentionally, and not as far as I know) with two exceptions, Bodhi and the Shade Lord. The former is taken over directly from Tactics, the latter is mine. In both cases the motivation is to avoid Protection from Undead scrolls (and, in principle, also to protect from turning and disruption, though there are simpler ways to do that). In both cases it's suboptimal that weapons which do extra damage to undead don't do extra damage to these undead (just as it's suboptimal in the case of Skeleton Warriors); in both cases at some point it could be fixed by an appropriate macro (give them a new general type and go through all weapons that do extra damage to undead so that they do extra damage to that general type); in neither case is it a high priority.


Why do you ask (again)?

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I am sorry, DavidW!


My memory does suck and I completely forgot that I have already asked you this same question before.


It's not that I doubted I did, because in that case I would have made a search first, I was just sure I never did!


Anyway, the reason I asked is that I simply don't like changes made to the undead class if there isn't a really good reason behind it.


Happy to know (again) that SCS doesn't mess with that! :worship:

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