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Interjections, and an unrelated typo

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Hi Domi,


I've noticed that you make a habit of inserting Kivan's interjections at the end of NPC dialogue, just before the PC is expected to respond. The problem is that you end up with Kivan's interjection hanging above the PC's dialogue options, which makes it unclear whether you're responding to Kivan or to whoever it was Kivan interrupted. By convention, dialogue options are listed immediately below whatever is being responded to, so it's a little jarring when Kivan (frequently) breaks this convention with his interjections. Not a big deal; just thought I'd wave my arms in protest or something.


Also, there's a small typo in your tp2 file, as of version 8.1:


COPY ~kivan/itm/P#AROW.ITM~ ~override/p#arow.itm~

SAY NAME1 @183

SAY NAME2 @184


SAY NAME2 is setting the identified name of Kivan's arrows to the unidentified description of said arrows. This causes a very large string to be displayed as the tooltip and also as the name that heads the identified description page.


Lovely dialogue in this mod, by the way.


Take care.

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