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bug(s) and possible spoilers, so beware

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If I notice any bugs, I will post them here for you guys..


In the glade of solace (or whatever it's called... the place where I go to contemplate for the night before being made a squire) Bishop makes an impromptu visit. In one of the PC dialogue options there is "We will have a good laugh. Thank you for guarding my back, Bishop". Your tags are showing on "we" instead of italicising it, so it reads as (i)We(/i)

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Isn't it funny how the human brain edits visual input? That line is from the Bishop Romance, which has been in circulation for a year or so, and it's possible you're the first person that's reported it.


There are ten or eleven typos in Casavir's lines, too.


There's also three in the OC, and every time I see them, I make a mental note to find the file and fix them just because they're irritating. And then I forget to do it.

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