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BG1NPC v18 Confirmed Worklist


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[tutu and bgt] Kagain the Skinflint does not give reaction dependent rewards, just hands each part member 15 gp. From erebusant, here.

Delayed: to revisit in v19


[tutu and bgt] Unfinished Business for Tutu and BGT recheck on components compatibility (some of the conflicting components may now work together since Ascension64 has recoded UB). Flagging components that are going to break stuff so they won't install, matching all of Ascension64's list.

Delayed: to revisit in v19


[tutu and bgt] The Romance Guide is out of date and inaccurate - needs a revision and recheck for changed lines, needs a translation after that, and in general needs some TLC from a dedicated wordsmith with a penchant for detail, a thirst for unpaid unrequited labor, and a high threshold for pain.

Delayed: to revisit in v19


[bgt only] We replace (BG content) Imoen's .bcs at the .cre level for BG1NPC content, and use that script reference in the crossplatform variables as reported by Pro5 and Taimon which means that mods that add to Imoen's .bcs during BG content on a BGT game get steamrollered becasue they may add to the correct script, but she only responds to stuff in the BGIMOEN2.BCS we assign. We don't know what, if any, mods have this happen, and the differences drop off in BG2 content as Imoen's script is changed over to BG2 scripts at that point.

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